As a homeopath, my job is to get to the root causes of your surface problems, so I can properly evaluate and treat you.

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I do this by asking the right questions - so if you have insomnia, I ask:

Do you have trouble falling asleep?

Do you wake up throughout the night?

Do you feel restless?

Does your mind start racing when you want to rest?

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Although many people are suffering from sleeplessness, the underlying reasons may be quite different than the symptom itself - so I dig deeper.

Does your sleeplessness develop into tremendous anxiety, which can even trigger panic attacks?

I will continue to inquire about your worries and fears, which can eventually lead me to the cause of your anxiety.

Once we have thoroughly explored these issues, I will be able to select an individualized, calibrated remedy that will help you cope with your sleeplessness.

Homeopathy is Versatile

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All different kind of diseases, especially the chronic ones like: skin problems, asthmatic coughs, and allergies, as well as children with behavioral issues like ADD or ADHD, aggressiveness or horrible nightmares that prevent children from sleeping alone, female diseases, chronic pain, recurrent infections, chronic bronchitis and many more, are not only treatable through homeopathy - these symptoms, in fact, vastly improve under its treatment, and many times there is profound healing.