About Birgit

Classical Homeopath

I received my wakeup call when my younger daughter was about 8 months old and developed a severe case of eczema. Her face, neck, arms, hands, knees and feet were covered with a terrible rash and I helplessly watched her scratch herself bloody every day and night. Desperate to end my daughter's suffering, I reached out to various doctors. However, none of themedications they suggested helped her. Determined, I looked to alternative forms of healing, and finally found my way to homeopathy. Within weeks my daughter's condition improved, and I even noticed her overall immune system growing stronger. Ever since, homeopathy has helped my family and friends to cure many kinds of acute as well as chronic health issues. 

Homeopathyhas been engrained in my life for a long time, but it was only a few years ago that I decided to pursue the practice myself. Born and raised in Germany , I originally studied Mathematics and Biology at Georg-August Universitaet. Afterwards, I completed my 2nd Exam to become a High School teacher in Mathematics and Biology . I taught these subjects at various high schools in different parts of Germany and the United States. My background in science very much influenced my desire to know more about homeopathy, and to this day it is very useful in my treatments. However, it was my deep yearning to acquire the knowledge to help people in the same profound way that other homeopaths helped my friends, family, and myself that truly inspired my career change.

I studied at the NYSH (New York School of Homeopathy) and practice homeopathy in Westchester and Manhattan. I also teach "Homeopathy for Trauma and Acute Conditions" at NYSH and I am on the school's Advisory Board. In addition, I am board member of the AIHC (Association of International Homeopathic Education).