How do I treat each person uniquely?

By utilizing the great system of homeopathy.

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine system that is highly specific in its evaluation process. Each patient is evaluated and treated based on their unique condition and circumstance - homeopathy considers variables like emotions, personal circumstance, past traumas, along with physical conditions.

As a homeopath, I am trained to value the whole of a person. 

I don't treat patients based on human generalities, but rather individual specificities regarding his or her specific, contextual symptoms.

Individualized treatment of patients is seen as the future in many fields of medicine now - however homeopathy has functioned like this since its inception in 1796, and I am proud to be a vehicle for this great, effective tradition in modern times. 

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Homeopathy is an art of healing that relies on medicinal values stemming from early mankind.

The foundational concept behind this healing system is the "Law of Similars", which posits that "like cures like".

The word homeopathy reflects this - "Homeo" means "similar" and "pathos" means "suffering".

Essentially, Samuel Hahnemann (the founder of Homeopathy) articulated the Law of Similars into a system of medicine. 


Simple examples of the Law of Similars:

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The Onion 

Someone suffers from seasonal allergies with tearing eyes, a running nose with acrid discharge (the nose is basically running like a faucet).

These are the same symptoms some experience when peeling an onion.

The homeopathic remedy Allium cepa, made from the onion, might help this particular patient alleviate and finally heal seasonal allergies of this kind. 



The Deadly Nightshade

A patient suffers suddenly from a middle ear infection and the pain is unbearable. It is a throbbing pain with flushed cheeks and significantly dilated pupils.

The mental state is excited - the patient is restless when sleeping and there might even be convulsive movements.

With these particular symptoms, the homeopathic remedy Bella donna helps to alleviate them, and heals the infection.

The remedy is made from the plant Atropa belladonna, the Deadly Nightshade. The poison in the berries of that plant causes the same symptoms. 

Paradoxically, by taking Atropa belladonna in small, homeopathic dosages, you can heal the very symptoms the plant causes.